High Level Portfolio Diagnostics
ROI focused approach
View expected recovery
and IRR increase
Immediate tasks
Top prioritized tasks
with specific
Insights Prioritized According to Recoverability
Unrecoverable VS.
Recoverable yield
Separation between
recoverable insights and
climate conditions
Precise, String Level Insights
String analysis
What strings are
How much each string is
underperforming by
Quantifiable insights
Potential savings of
maintaining a string

Increase visibility into your field

Action items delivered daily
Maximize efficiency with detailed task lists sent daily
Full compatibility
Compatible with all monitoring solutions and hardware
Make calculated decisions
Task list quantified, allowing for calculated ROI based decisions that maximize IRR
High precision diagnostics
Zoom in to your field, know exactly what is happening with each and every panel
Frictionless process
Just sign up and start. No new hardware, software or sites visits necessary

How DeepSolar works

Just sign up and start increasing yield, RayCatch does all the rest

Automatically done by RayCatch daily
1 Data Acquisition
2 AI Analysis
3 Daily Action Items
Increase Yield